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So many of us have spent a lot of time working, living, exercising and wondering about the 5km that we live in. Luckily for us Laois, as part of Ireland’s Ancient East, has a wealth of history and culture to explore. The amazing thing about the times we live in is the huge amount of information that is also accessible now from our own homes. While this sometimes means that your cousins in America end up knowing far more about your family history than you do, it also means that it has never been easier to chart your own history or the history of your local area. And now you have another amazing resource to help you on your way.

Laois Local Studies is a reference library and research centre dedicated to the collection of material on all aspects of life in Laois. This rich collection, much of it unique, consists of books, journals, newspapers, maps, photographs, audiovisual recordings and archives. It serves as a focal point for all who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of life in Laois, past and present. As part of the commitment to Local Studies, Laois Libraries have been working on a digistisation project with the dual purpose of preserving fragile and high-demand items from the collection, and enabling remote access to the collection. Due to the ongoing nature of this project, new items are regularly being digitised and added to the local studies website under relevant sections. Members of the public who feel they hold relevant material can arrange to have the material digitsed by Local Studies and returned to them. This allows the material to be displayed online, providing access to the public without the obligation of outright donation. 

This project has been supported by Laois County Council and Creative Ireland Laois. You can find a link to the homepage and an informative video below.





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