What to read if you love BBC’s ‘Line of Duty’ (Borrowbox edition)

Mate, as we approach the last few episodes of everyone’s favourite AC-12 team battling organised crime and police corruption, we have to start bracing for the inevitable withdrawal. Once over, we’re all going to be as devastated as Ted Hastings being forced to  yet another meeting with his commanding officer and as irate as Steve after he’s done his back in again. Thankfully Borrowbox will see you through this difficult period with some excellent thrillers centred around police corruption and crime.


1.  Police- Jo Nesbo

A killer is stalking Oslo’s streets. Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated, but failed to solve. The murders are brutal, the media reaction hysterical and Harry Hole finds himself in the midst of a cat and mouse game with corruption at it’s heart. With twists, turns and red herrings EVERYWHERE, it’s guaranteed to grip from start to finish.

2. Sirens- Joseph Knox

The first of the Aidan Waits books, Sirens follows Waits as a troubled junior detective trying to solve the mystery behind two missing women. He soon finds himself adrift; cut loose by his superiors, stalked by an unseen killer and dangerously attracted to the wrong woman. He’s out of his depth and out of time. A great noir read where the gritty city of Manchester is a character in itself.

3. This Storm- James Ellroy

Set in LA and Mexico after Pearl Harbour, this novel is a CRIME novel, as in everything is in there. Operatic in scale, Knox’s book is at turns coarse and paranoid; jumping from Nazi’s, anti- Japanese panic, Hollywood secrets and the communist threat. Corruption is everywhere. This book is not for the faint of heart!

4.  Every Night I Dream of Hell- Malcolm Mackay

An interesting book to read as it opens with the leaders of the Jamieson crime group having been killed or imprisoned and looks at the power vacuum left behind.  Chaos soon erupts on streets of Glasgow as the organisation struggles and faction fighting descends into war as DI Fisher tries to close in on the criminals.

5. The Force- Don Winslow

Lee Child has called this the best cop novel ever written, so really we had to include this on the list. At it’s heart is Denny Malone, the leader of an elite gang and drug squad in New York. What many people don’t know is that Denny is himself a dirty cop but as the FBI start to put pressure on him and he’s surrounded by people he’s both betrayed and has been betrayed by,  everything begins to spiral towards an explosive ending. This novel is full of twists and is a great read but also examines how even the best of intentions can become corrupted and lead to the most horrific of consequences.

6. Little Boy Blue- M. J. Arlidge

This is the fifth book in the DI Helen Grace thrillers series but this time she has a personal connection to a murder victim. As she becomes increasingly obsessed with the crime, relationships fray and some of her darkest secrets threaten to come to light. A very tense read for fans of the pacing that keeps us glued to our TV screens on a Sunday night- you’ll be hooked!


7. Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly- Adrian McKinty

1988 Belfast and a man is found dead with an arrow in his back. This novel is from the Sean Duffy series and won the Boston Globe Best Book for 2017. It includes a scene where the beleaguered Duffy is forced to dig his own grave in a bog…and that’s not even giving anything away! It’s a gripping read from one of Ireland’s foremost voices in crime fiction!


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